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Beginning with 1993 until 1998, I mainly worked with the transportation industry. I write an invoicing system for trailer rental companies. For this I used Visual Basic 3.0 to 6.0. As database backend I started with Access 1.1, continuing to 2.0, briefly touched SQL Server 4.21 and ended with SQL Server 6.5, if not using a mainframe. The companies I worked with during this time frame are among others; ASG, Fiat Sweden, NTS, ERT, STS, PNO and SSF.


In 1998 I switched to accounting industry and wrote parts for one of Sweden's most commonly used accounting system, SPCS 5000 Nät. The companies I worked with during this time frame are among others; Thermopanel and Skandia Försäkringsplanering.


In 1999 I switched to insurance industry and fund market, and worked with these until 2005. The first 12 months I developed a complete CRM system from scratch. We found that this was cheaper and faster than fixing all bugs with their current CRM system. I was the only developer for this and wrote 270 000 lines of code. Only 13 bugs were found and fixed the following 4 years after implementation! This application had up to 400 simultaneous users online. I also was project manager for several projects, as well as mentoring interns. The companies I worked with during this time frame are among others; SEB, Skandia, UnitFond, 20+ insurance brokers, Capinordic, Acta, PPM and Svenska Spar.


During 2005, I switched industry to manufacturing. Now I took the opportunity to broaden my competence and documented hardware platforms and tuned SQL Server installations. I also helped customers to migrate from SQL Server 6.5, 7 and 2000, to SQL Server 2005. I did a lot of performance tuning and tuned complete database applications for a performance gain between 108% and 300% (2 to 4 times faster).

I also started to use and develop for Business Intelligence tools, such as Reporting Services and Analysis Services. When not tuning applications, I spent a great deal of time writing Best Practices and held workshops and presentations. The companies I worked with during this time frame are among others; H&M, Lindab, Alfa Laval, InTouch, Bakmann (Advis), Watski, FL Snus, EON, Tedkompile and Betsson.


In 2008, I returned to CRM industry for over a year of performance tuning. Rewrote a lot of stored procedures. Some that before optimization ran for 9h 56min and afterwards ran for only 3min (168 times faster, or only 0.5 percent of original time)!
I also held seminars and workshops about SQL Server 2005 and 2008. Here I also architected, built and deployed Business Intelligence solutions including Reporting Services and Integration Services. The companies I worked with during this time frame are among others; Lettershop, StroedeRalton, SJ, Åhléns, Kicks, Ratiopharm, Intersport, Svensk Bilmärkning, Retail'N'Brands, Brothers, Sisters, JC, Choice, Illum, Ryds Glas, Lindorff and The Warranty Group.


Now for 2009 I mostly deal with architecting a new data warehouse for an international company in Malmö. They have a total of 1 million customers and a 30 year order history. The data warehouse is designed for a medium transaction intensity of 30 million transaction per month. The companies I work with during this time frame are among others; Pulsen, SAS, Hyperion, and DMP.


Online I mostly volunteer and contribute over at I remember this guy who was rally happy since I made his logic run 40 000 times faster! There is also this guy over at Microsoft msdn forums which code I made 360 times faster. There are literally thousands more examples of my rewrites.




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